W e l c o m e    o n    A V I C E N N A - O I L ' s    w e b     s i d e s !

          We are very glad of your visiting our place in Internet. Avicenna-Oil® has been producing and distributing essential oils, their derivatives and aromatic mixtures in Poland since 1991. The company consists of two business units: the first one is production of essential oils (we produce ready-to-sell aromatherapy oils, which are used to massages and baths also natural mosquito repellents and inhalation preparations). The second unit is supplying of raw materials (especially natural essential oils and their derivatives like menthol, anisol, eucaliptol etc. and also flavours and perfume composition) for pharmaceutical and cosmetical industry. Avicenna-Oil® is dynamically growing company. We have introduced quality systems ISO 9001:2008 and GMP (Good Manfacturing Practise) for pharmaceutical production.
          Long experiences and high-qualified staff allowed us to compete with successful with the other firms on Polish essential oils' market and we are well recognised on the market segment. We made carried at a specific laboratory research work and received a Certificate of Polish Drug Institute, which confirmed high quality of the goods. It is the very important proof, which demonstrates that our essential oils have the medical affects, while the others could have only cosmetic peculiarities.

          As we say above, our products - natural essential oils have specific pharmaceutical affects. For example: melissa and lavender oils make people calm and relaxed, eucalyptus and citron oils excite users; tea tree oil is antiseptic and it is often used for skin care. These medical treatments of the essential oils are known as an "Aromatherapy" All essential oils which we use for the production of the mentioned articles are 100 % pure natural ! Avicenna-Oil® has a good position on the Polish essential oils' market, the significant market share and the strong brand name. We are a well-known company as far as a high quality of the products. Now we can say that Avicenna-Oil® has a good tradition. Our customers are satisfied with quality of our products in comparison with the competitors.

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